How to play the Queen Bee Card Game


In this fast 2-4 player game, be the first player to reach 40 points by adding number cards around your Queen to build her the perfect hive.

Each game takes roughly 10-15 minutes and is best played with 4 players. (Modified play instructions included below)

So Gather your friends, take a seat, and get ready to claim your place as the queen bee card game champion!

♡ ♢ Game Setup ♤ ♧

Each player starts the game by choosing a Queen Card and placing it in front of them. The Queen you choose determines the suit you will use to build your hive and collect points!

Once each player has their queen in front of them, shuffle the deck and each player draws 3 cards for their hand .

To decide who goes first, look at the bottom of the deck. the player who has the queen with the matching suit gets to start. if the card is a joker, look at the next card behind it. Turns continue counter clockwise meaning that the person to the left gets to go next. If the deck ever runs out, shuffle the discard pile and turn it over to become the new deck!

Game Play

During a players turn they can play up to all three cards in their hand by placing number cards that match their Queen's suite down to gain points or by utilizing special cards such as the Jack, Ace, King, or Joker cards.

If tyou dont want to play any of the cards in your hand, you can discard as many of those cards as you would like! However, you cant play any cards from your hand if you want to discard, so choose wisely!

After you choose to play cards from your hand or discard and are done doing so, you draw cards from the deck until you have 3 in hand. Your turn is over after you draw cards.

  • Kings

    players can play king cards regardless of the suit, and are used to remove a card from another players hive. Simply put the king from your hand to the discard pile and remove a card of your choice frm another players hive. (The only card that can not be removed is another players Queen)

  • Queens

    A player's Queen stays in the center of their hive and is used to determine the suit that each player uses to get points! The Queen is not worth any points and can not be removed from the hive or copied by the Joker.

  • Jacks

    Players can add the Jack cards to their hive to gain points, however the number of points the JAck is worth depends on the Suit! If the jack is a different suit than your Queen's, it is worth 6 points, however, if it is the same, it is worth 11 points instead!

  • Aces

    Players can play Ace cards regardless of their suit, and are used to add a card of that players suit from the discard pile to their hand. That card can also be used during the turn it is added to the hand.